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Path to Ascension and Amnoon Casino metas

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There's been a bit of a hullabaloo recently over the overflow maps of Amnoon not having a Casino meta if created after the event starts. Rather than changing this (as it is justified against those just wishing to fight the Pinata and not contribute to the coin collecting), you should cut down the time between the death of Josso Essher and the spawn time of the Wild Magic event. Currently it sits at about 20 minutes between the two, which gives time for people to complete an achievement within Augury Rock. To also solve this, just allow Augury rock to stay open 20 minutes after the Doppelganger is killed. That way everyone wins.

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They should make the rock stay open long enough for people to loot and let the npcs have their dialog but then have it close immediately. So like maybe 5 minutes tops before the wild magic event. And then just open augury rock again for 20 minutes after doppel is dead.

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@Illconceived Was Na.9781 said:

@"Skotlex.7580" said:I think this is the third thread this week about this.

Keep it up, Anet will eventually listen and adjust this meta if the players are vocal about it. :3

This one is actually a different idea, which is largely agnostic about the issue of people arriving later than the "start" time.

Well, the way I read the op, the main request is to remove/reduce that 20 minute timer between Josso's death and continuing the meta chain. Thus, it still counts. :P

There is another topic regarding starting meta events in fresh maps, and that one is also a valid argument to make.

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