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[EU]Looking for a guild that focus raids.


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Hello People!

I have played GW2 for a very long time, but mainly just pvp/solo(crafting legendarys and ascended gear)/with very few friends, We played it a lot on/off. Never really bothered to actually put time into a guild and raid because my friends never really stayed for long, I always ended up being the last one playing and just slowly die out cause solo got boring.

But lately, I have been playing it without breaks. And it kinda have become my main game. After long time hardcore raiding in wow, Official MegaTribe life in ARK for years, Legend Ranked(Not Forgotten) and everything cleared in destiny 2, and many other titles were I have tried to do the endgame content to feel committed. I just keep finding myself coming back to gw2. So because of this, I have decided that I want to raid, I want to get a guild and by that make it a more permanent game for me, than just the regular play/break/play/break that I have been used to do so far.

So obviously I am a newbie when it comes to raiding and I only lately started to really put time into the PvE side of the game like fractals etc, I have done some raid PUGs and it went okay, but its nothing compared to what a guild achieves. I am a fast learner and I really want to learn and succeed. And to do so, I need a guild.

From doing some research, one of my really downsides atm is the fact that my only geared character is my thief, I have multi full ascended sets like berserker/marauder/viper and legendary weapons on it, but its a thief and ye it does not seem like people really want those.

So I have leveled elementalist, mesmer, necro and rev to have alternatives, but I never got done gearing them, cause when you are solo and enjoy just playing thief, its hard to feel committed to other classes. I really dont mind playing a role that is needed, but I would prefer playing my thief.

Ofc. there is also a longtime goal with all this other than making new friends and getting to learn the raiding scene, I want to make legendary armor. But my hopes are, that in the process, I will fall in love with the raiding/pve, get good friends and basically have so much more in the game, to keep me playing this without the constant breaks anymore.

As a last thing, I am looking for any raiding guild really, my only requirement is that it have players and it gets going with weekly raids. I am not looking to get carried, I will be more than fine with progressing (as long as progress actually happens!), but I will also be fine with being carried. As long as there is raids weekly and not constant cancels, then I am happy.

Sorry if theres any problems with grammar etc. English is not my main language.Best RegardsZip

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