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Fluxes from GW1 into GW2

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I do not see it being an interesting addition to this game. It had its place in the original game where it worked very well. Couple that with the fluxes having a lot of secondary profession and energy interaction, I think it would simply be too much effort for not a lot of pay off.

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I'm not sure this would make sense in the existing PvP types. Competitive sPvP cannot afford fun "random variance" (no items, Fox only, Final Destination...), and WvW is chaotic enough without them - though a triggered/activated version (similar to the Ally camps) might be interesting.

I propose instead a secondary "Chaos PvP" mode, adding randomized Flux effects to regular PvP games. (perhaps this could extend to Activity mini games as well...) I rather like this idea, because it would add a more casual mode to PvP, which should entice more less-than-serious players to participate. I'm also excited by the possibilities: GW2's expanded engine means that it wouldn't have to be limited to stat, skill, or mechanic changes. It could include weird physics variances, like lower gravity or exploding props.

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