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PvP Quality of life features


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In the spirit of breaking away from the usual discussions / rants about why sPvP currently sucks, I’d like to write down a couple of features or lack of those that do not necessarily ruin completely my experience in PvP, but do confuse and irritate me. I’m sure that some of you feel the same way and maybe there will be some that will say that I’m just being a little conceited b*tch. But I’d like to know nonetheless what you think of this.

  • Sometimes kick from HotM after leaving a ranked / unranked q (solo), port to your original zone,
  • Leaving q for ranked and unranked upon entering custom arena,
  • The second match ready window pop up being obnoxious: can’t dismiss like the first one, can’t even move it like the encumbered window,
  • When you’re trying to enter your own custom arena that is pw protected, having to type the pw. Not being able to join a pw protected custom arena through “join friend”,
  • Why can’t we have build templates.
  • Why can’t we have character dependent key bindings.
  • Why can’t we have a tutorial for people new to PvP so we can avoid those people coming into the game mode, getting shouted at and 1) leaving and never coming back or (worse) 2) keep playing how they play and not listening to anyone.
  • Can we have Q.A. with balance team developers? Just put them in front of the camera, have them drink something and let them answer handpicked questions (not really a feature but something really bothering me),
  • Porting from combat to HotM and arriving in down state.
  • Port spots.

I’m sure that some of you will think of other stuff, but ye, all that has been bothering me in pvp concerning some basic features. It is weird to me that the game has been progressively catering to the more casual audience and has been making convenience utilities (LFG system, on the fly trait swap, tomes of knowledge, wardrobe system etc. etc. etc.), but this stuff is still here / missing.

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Build Templates are confirmed in the works. The rest of this is valid though I would also add: When switching characters in a match, loading up that character's PvE map or HotM before porting them into the match itself (pointless double loading screen).

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