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Is everyone still having fun with PvP? (If so why? What do you still enjoy about PvP?)

Every match I go in is full of players that just sound depressed, fed up, or are just not having fun. Whether it's because the match isn't going their way, or they are up against builds/classes they don't like to fight against, or they feel their build/class just doesn't perform as well as others. I just find it hard to find a match where everyone enjoys the fight and can walk away with a GG on both ends. It's pretty sad in ranked games as it stands, but I guess it can't be helped with how PvP is currently. Unfortunately, from my personal experience, it feels just as bad in unranked. Which brings me to my second question...

Do people actually go into unranked with high expectations? (If so why? And what sort of expectations do you have in an unranked game?)

Maybe it's just me, and maybe that's a harsh question. But I always believe the type of people that jump into unranked are either casual, practicing, new players, or people testing new builds/classes. As such I don't expect much from my team in an unranked game other than for them to simply try their best. As long as they try, I don't mind how many times they get blown up by that rampaging Warrior or thirsty Revenant. We've all been there... you blink and suddenly your health bar has left the chat, but then we learn how to avoid and counter these things over time. Ranked is a different story, of course, that's where I'd expect players to know how to play their class and know the basics of the game mode in the least.

It just feels like the player base has become as unforgiving as the damage numbers we can put out. Personally, it just makes me sad that one of my favorite game modes in one of my favorite games has become so gloomy and hostile. Outside of friends, I'm hard pressed to find a game where people actually work together, both in chat and on the field. To answer my own question I still have fun with PvP because I simply play what I have fun with most regardless of what the month's meta is. It's just that I don't like the current atmosphere that has settled in really.

If I had to pick something I really enjoy about PvP aside from playing Ele of course, it's fighting Holosmiths. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I just like fighting them, there, I said it. They do have a bit of everything, granted, but they have a lot of tells which are satisfying to dodge and counter. Definitely a class I don't mind losing to.

Anyway, that was my rant, I feel better now, back to PvP.

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