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Connect GW2 through VPN Proxy

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@"Nokomis.5076" said:As fas as I know, Guild Wars uses the systems proxy to connect, thus the one you configure in the internet options. You probably need to set up your proxy there.

Hi Nokomis,thx for reply!I thought the same as well and tried to setup proxy in the internet options -> lan settings but it seems gw2 ignore that settings :


where xx.xx.xx.xx is the remote vpn proxy server (privoxy) that is running on port 8118

Are there some other settings to be done ?



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A standard proxy is something a program has to support in order to use. It's not something you can simply turn on like a VPN. It is possible to force it by using software like FreeCap, but it's not ideal. A VPN on the other hand act likes a network connection, so everything will naturally go through it. See OpenVPN for that.

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On 6/11/2019 at 4:06 AM, Skyline.1970 said:

Hi,is it possible to connect GW2 using a vpn proxy on a remote server ?If it's so, how this could be made ? I'm trying changing commands line switch with any success.



I'm not exactly sure what you mean here by "vpn proxy" since they're two totally separate/different things. If you want to know how to connect through a VPN, it would be just like Healix said, VPN's are network connections that everything "goes through" anyway, so there would be no further "setup" or configuration needed in order for Guild Wars 2 to function with it.

Now, on the other hand, if you're looking to get it to work with a proxy that's an entirely different can of worms. I just went through this tonight because for the first time in ever I finally have exceeded my cell phone providers hard capped hotspot/tethering limitations and had to download an app that "bypasses" the phones native "hotspot" to supply a hotspot. It does this by being a proxy. Of course when you configure a proxy in the OS or for some apps/programs that actually allow use of proxies, there's no issue. However when trying to run something like GW2, it cannot be done because it's trying to connect directly and it cannot. If you try you will just continuously get connection error messages. And there's no way to "tell" GW2 to use a proxy...


So in order to "make" GW2 work with/on a proxy, Healix's recommendation for FreeCap was on the right path but for me personally, both FreeCap and WideCap did NOT work... The one that did/DOES work is Proxifier. Proxifier can be found here ~ https://www.proxifier.com/ Now, sadly, this IS a paid software (with a 31 day "trial") but if you're in a situation (like me) where you HAVE to use a proxy; this one should most certainly work (it was the most recently updated software of this nature [in 2021]), and the nice thing is there's also a "portable" version that doesn't even require installation. Sadly it does appear the "standard" and "portable" versions are separate "purchases", so pick which one you want carefully. It is even nicer that the trials exist, so you can make 100% sure it works before committing to spending money! I personally picked the portable version, so I can run it on any one of my machines, figuring the "standard" MAY be limited to one machine? IDK!


I hope this helps you, and anyone else looking this up and needing help with it in the future! Maybe, if lucky, ANet will actually implement a "proxy configuration" in the future too...


ps) offtop/ yeah I know I could have rooted my phone, and I always used to, but my banking app will NOT work any longer on a rooted device! So I'm "stuck" using a "hotspot" proxy now that I've exceeded my limitations... .. .

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