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HOT Last boss battle Hearts and Minds crashes all the time

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Hi,Probably one of the most frustrating boss fights, the most buggy boss fight I have ever had the displeasure of playing. I have nearly put my fist through my monitor. The last boss battle in HOT bugs out on me EVERY TIME!! I choose my NPC's, start the fight fine. Its only after the fight that nothing happens, after you open the portal, then bang - a DC. I cleared 2 bosses on my own, Caithe and Canach, then another DC.

I managed to get a group, we cleared all 3 bosses and then at the end, again DC!!! I just want to finish this expansion and move onto the next, but I have been stuck on this boss for a week now.
I have lowered my graphics settings, what else can I do? Spoken to others, they do not DC - what makes me so special? I'm so close to uninstalling this buggy mess of a game. I have read lots of posts and people are still getting this DC 2 years after release!!

Have you any idea what I can do to stop DC'ing - the other parts of the game are fine, no problems.Thanks

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