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Skyscale should have full flightbar when mounting in mid-air assuming you haven't mounted it already

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It's nice that we no longer plummet after riding an updraft or some other thing that involves gaining height by means other than the skyscale before mounting it. And that we can still regain endurance through bond of vigor or the wall climbing. But it still feels like those two abilities still remain as a band-aid to a problem rather than take what the skyscale already does and make it better.

Assuming I take an updraft or something and then mount, I might as well still use my griffon which I can gain infinite height with. While this is a step in the right direction, I don't see a need to leave the skyscale crippled still. The mount itself is still powerful. The problem is having to worry about that flightbar before you even mount is a nuisance more than anything. I would much rather not have bond of vigor at all given that I don't want to have to wait 60 seconds just to use my mount in midair. I'm not suggesting to let us bond of faith of the skyscale on to another mount and then repeat this back to the skyscale to get a full flightbar. But if I haven't used it in midair yet, then it should have full endurance.

It doesn't make sense for it to be tired out when I haven't even used it yet. This change would also allow the player to combo the Skyscale with other mounts. Why use Springer or Skyscale when you can use both? Bond of faith off the springer at peak jump height and mount your skyscale with a full flightbar. Bam! Mount synergy right there. It already exists with the griffon. Imagine being able to Springer on to your griffon, fly somewhere, then jump off onto your skyscale and get to a hard to reach place. You're getting into some Metroidvania level stuff right there combo'ing your movement utilities like that together. Fun stuff.

As it stands, a skyscale mounted mid-air above starting elevation is still kinda of a glorified glider with a dash. Let the helicopter be a helicopter.

Additionally, the amount of endurance you get from wall mounting could be a little more generous. I wouldn't mind if the mount had one endurance bar as long as I could get a bigger boost out of it. It feels underwhelming and like I'm tip-toe'ing my way up a cliff. There would be no difference in overall height gain. It would just save a lot of time and make the mount feel much less cumbersome if we just limited the skyscale to one wall-jump, but doubled its power. Or at the very least let us determine how much to use like with the springer. Right now, it kind of feels like what the Roller Beetle would probably feel like if it had two bars, but you had to use both to reach full speed.

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@Trise.2865 said:This is operating under the assumption that the creature teleports to you when you summon it.

If anything, it should be more tired than it is for climbing up the wall behind you and leaping to save you from falling to your death.

It's not operating under any assumption. That's exactly how it works. Same way as the Griffon or even the Glider.

Also, that defeats the purpose of the mount entirely because your griffon can do that and then turn into a jet that gains infinite height when used correctly. Your glider also has infinite endurance with advanced gliding and can stay in the air for longer and go further than the skyscale.

Why would you want to leave its primary function crippled? The mount should function when mounted in midair the same way it does when launching from the ground.

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