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Hey, when I was collecting LW4 currency from specyfic maps for my skyscale, I've noticed that, when your INVENTORY IS FULL and you bought - for example 5 x Branded Mass - at Renown Heart NPC, you WONT GET ANY AND YOU LOOSE YOUR KARMA AND DAILY ABILITY (per character) TO BUY THOUSE.In my opinion when bag is full, and you proceed to buy Branded Mass, they should:

  1. bought but pop-up in seperate window, waiting to collect after making space in your bag (as is it with regulary item / masterial).
  2. not bought, not spended your karma - literally no action should be done.Instead of that - the Branded Mass just disapeared from Renown Heart Vendor (waiting to show after daily reset) spending my karma, not placing into waiting to collect... I've done it few times to be sure it works like this :(
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