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Why Soulbeast is a downgrade compared to Druid in WvW.


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Druid is better in all aspects because:

  • It has the soft CC Ancients Seeds which works sometimes. The substitute Jarcanda Embrace is not working because it is a very slow projectile which if not reflected you can avoid it just moving a normal speed.
  • It has access to Celestial Shadow. That skill allows the player to give 3 seconds to recover all the damage suffered and take a new position. Soulbeast doesn't bring anything like this.
  • It has access to Ancestral Grace a ground targeted skill with allows the player to move to another position with precision meanwhile all the movement skills for the soulbeast are bugged to move shorter distances and have the problem of needing a target which makes using Autotarget a nightmare.
  • Celestial avatar allows the ranger to recover the damage suffered which otherwise would be fatal while soulbeast brings nothing other than a heal every 40 seconds if you are merged to a healing pet. Which you can't swap while you are in combat without having to wait for too long.
  • Celestial avatar to reset the conditions in the player. This is extremely necessary to fight the disgusting condi spam this game has embebed. Soulbeast has nothing in comparison, condis will surely kill you before you can cleanse them.
  • Staff although is a frustrating low damage weapon it's still a ranged weapon which can ignore all the projectile hate which with PoF just went up to the roof.

Soulbeast does not bring any of the sustain the druid brings on the table. The extra damage it brings is dismissible at best, the most damage you can get with 20% damage. That's not much having in mind the base damage of LB to max range is 800 with 2000 power.

Any build you design with the soulbeast you can make it work better with the druid because the soulbeast doesn't bring anything to the build.That could change if they include the strong points from the Druid into the Soulbeast just in selfish mode. But right now it is not and the soulbeast is really useless against anything is not a baddie.

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Well, personally, I enjoy my downgrade way more than I ever did Druid apart from the first week before they started playing with AF generation and CF cooldown, so there's that. And it gives me fuzzy feelings inside to share stability, condi cleanse and resistance to 'near allies' on the move. Maybe it's a useless spec for pro minmaxers, but for bad players like me, it hits the spot so far.

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Soulbeast is a different kind of support than Druid, it has AoE condi cleanse + heal, it has one wolf pack which is a huge damage spike, it has not only one of our only sources of stability, but probably our best source of stability that ALSO makes you immune to movement impairing condis and can be AoE. Moa stance makes the boons you and your allies provide last longer.

And most importantly Soulbeast, unlike Druid or core ranger, has a practically immortal pet, and is stronger than Druid and ranger in ANY scenario that the pet can't be utilized. Not to mention unlike Druid Soulbeast is a damage buff instead of a massive damage nerf in all specs.

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