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[Bug] Sand Savant's Greater Sand Shade Targeting

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BUG: Sand Savant's Greater Sand Shade from the grandmaster Trait is intended to increase the maximum targeting of the Greater Sand Shade and the Scourge's F2, F3, F4, and F5 abilities to target 5 targets each, for a total of 10 targets per ability use. Currently, while the Scourge and Greater Shade are in the same location, only 5 targets are selected.

Steps to Reproduce:

Step 1: Gather 10 allies in a Squad. Position all 10 allies directly in the radius of the Greater Sand Shard and within range of the Scourge, neatly pact (aka traditional raid strategy).

Step 2: Use F3 Sand Cascade and observe the Barrier applied to their health bars. With the bugged targeting, only 5 allies (those in your sub squad) will be priority targeted by both the Scourge's radius AND the Greater Sand Shade's radius.

Step 3: Now separate your Squad into two distinct clumps of 5 players, with distance between them, and summon the Greater Sand Shade on the far away clump of five, and then position the Scourge on the other 4 allies + the Scourge.

Step 4: Activate F3 Sand Cascade and observe the results. It will now hit all 10 allies (Scourge + 4 and the ranged group of 5 allies around the Shade).

This is a critically important bug that prevents support Scourges from performing as intended in Raid Squads, and in World Vs World as well.

Bonus: With the targeting changes made in the lanch patch, it is no longer possible to hit all 10 allies with Desert Empowerment when summoning F1- Manifest Sand Shade. This may have been an oversight or a design decision, but I would love to get clarification on this. Ideally, for Raid settings, I would strongly like the return of the 10 target functionality by altering the trait to: "Manifest Sand Shade grants Barrier to allies near you and around it."

If the above targeting bug is fixed, and the Desert Empowerment trait's old functionality somewhat restored (requires you AND shade to be positioned to give barrier), this would return the 10-target functionality of applying barrier to your entire Squad upon using F1 and F3. Without this, is it extremely hard to justify bringing a supportive Scourge to a raiding or WvW environment.

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UPDATE: This also applies for the offensive effects of the Sand Shades and can be tested similar with the grouped PVP test golems. If you summon a Greater Sand Shade and stand within its radius, it will target the same "5 closest enemies" as the Scourge's personal area effect will target, ignoring other enemies that are still within its radius.

This can cause an ability that should theoretically "smart target" to hit all 10 foes/allies, to only hit 5. I can provide videos and screenshots if this would help to solve this bug!

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