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GW1 Lag issue

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Not sure where to post this so i hope this is the correct part of the forum but this game has been extremely laggy for me for an entire month after the previous update.

Ive ran all sorts of connection tests, ive restarted routers and access points and the little net performance indicator on the bottom right hand side of the screen (where i place mine) that tells me if my connection is good or bad is always green. I play other games like Warframe and Battlefield 3 & 4 without any sort of issues but with GW1 my characters and other characters be it real players or hench/heroes are just constantly teleporting across the screen like as if im having some sort of connection problems.

The indicator light never goes into the red. occasionally it might dip into the orange for a nano second then it flips back to green. Ive spoken to a few people on various discords and they seem to be having the same issue too.

I really dont know what could be the problem as my hardware hasnt changed in the last 2-3months and it was running relatively smoothly till one GW1 update.

When i delve into GW2 - everything works smoothly apart from BLTC being laggy as hell but thats been like that for over half a year now.

So I really dont know what it could be.

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