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2 years later still getting cc'd while in ToF's mid-air evade frames


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Certain skills and effects cannot be evaded, they include:

  • Skills with area denial purposes: Line of Warding, Ring of Warding, Dragon's Maw, Unsteady Ground, Static Field, Slick Shoes, Spectral Wall, Temporal Curtain's crippled, and others. (Any hard CC that is applied only if the enemy went into it)

  • The pull skill for Guardian (the chain skill of Binding Blade) and Hunter's Verdict for Dragonhunter (the chain skill of Spear of Justice) are also not able to be evaded.Passive effects that trigger when the enemies are attacked: Retaliation, Auras.

  • Certain environmental traps/events/objects.


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@steki.1478 said:

@DeceiverX.8361 said:Mesmer OH Focus pull ignores dodges.

It doesnt. I dodged it plenty of times.

The cripple when you walk over it may ignore dodges, but the pull doesnt.

Maybe it was secretly fixed, but it absolutely used to. After repeatedly being pulled off structures mid-dodge I did test it later on with guildmembers and it would consistently ignore the evasion frames.

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