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how to improve on Skyscale acquisition (for the next time)

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so, lots have people have been praising and complaining about the skyscale itself, and it's method of acquisition.I don't want to vocalize the rights and wrongs because thats what most people have already done.I rather want to discuss alternatives, what would players like better, or feel more rewarding, but still accomplish anets intended method of 'time-gating'.

So, what I think went right were pre-tasks.Collecting eggs, visiting skyscales, making medicine.Also, getting to complete all events in order to make the medicine is a way to get people invested on the map.Secondly, the games you play with the skyscale were very entertaining, albeit quickly done.

Where I think it went wrong was the forced time-gating.Both the charged crystals and the 250 of each map resource.Now, I'm not complaining about the time investment, that part is good. I'm complaining about the investment in grinding.Grinding or waiting is in my opinion a very lazy, and downright punishing method of making an objective last longer.Because you're not working longer on the task, but rather, you're taking longer to do the same amount of work.

rather, the tasks themselves should have varied.Instead of gathering 250 map resources, people should for example have done a variety of events on each of the maps.A reward for clearing the Great Hall and Palawadan, as well as an ingredient or material bought from every map's heart. that would've felt like a much better time investment.Maybe involve the bounties as well.It just goes to show, taking two weeks to clear a collection is fine as long as you're not doing 1 piece of content 200 times for 2 weeks.Variety is the key, give people a list of tasks, instead of 1 task that has to be repeated a hundred times.I think if there was more variety in the tasks, the complaints would've been cut nearly in half as people would've been less bored with the process.

So, for the next great objective, whatever it is, I would very much like for anet invest in a journey rather than a chore.In this case, watching your skyscale grow felt rewarding, but crafting a saddle felt punishingThese are just my two coppers, though.

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My only real beef is with the Map "currencies"

They don't go into the wallet, but into mats and you can accidentally consume them for volatile magic which is extremely plentiful. Anet really should have made them a true blue currency and ditched the whole "consume for useless magic" thing.

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@Dami.5046 said:Don't know why people these days think it's ok to get a game changed to suit themShould be grateful we have games like this to play - this didn't even exist when i was growing up.

We're just giving feedback. Tell the developers what we like and dislike about what they make. Then people can chime in, and the developers can choose where they want to follow criticism or their own agendas.In the end, it doesn't matter, you do what you have to do in order to get the rewards

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:I think having to do specific tasks is a lot more 'grindy', than having the option to do anything one desires on the whole map (that rewards currency).I disliked the first 3 'tasks' for the Skyscale (very repetitive) much more than the currency acquisition.

That's a good point.But then there was still to little freedom.Map resources only come from the final meta, the heart vendors, or very slowly from gathering nodes.I think the average is 0.5 to 0.75 per node?

If we got resources from doing all kinds of content on the map, including side events, bounties, etc, i would be more inclined to agree with you.

Edit: maybe just volatile magic? In large quantity.Tell players to complete each map's meta once, and buy the parts for volatile magic. That stuff comes from just about anything and everything

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the map currency is fine. I thought it was overwhelming at first glance, but decided to go through with it. Was easier than I thought, do not get scared by the amount. Its really not that bad compared to what you need to do for Vision in the kralkaltite grind of x3000 for 6x astral weapons.

Take your time and work on it at your own pace, you dont need the skyscale right here and NOW!

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