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30 Fps System Requirements for the Latest Content (Meta Events Included. )

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I have been playing this game since relatively short time on my laptop. Most of the time it was nice but it also likes to stutter from-time-to-timedespite the fact that I'm using nearly lowest display settings possible. In bigger events it likes to work below 20 Fps which makes it hard to play.The issue is especially bad in the map included in the latest Living World episode. I'm planning on buying or building new PC now.This time not a laptop but a desktop. I would like to ask for help with deciding what should be the cheapest hardware that will work well with the game.

My target visual settings are basically lowest possible with a few exceptions:

  1. 1280x720 as a minimal resolution,
  2. Any form of anti-aliasing,
  3. Native render sampling,
  4. Player models of at least "Low" quality,
  5. Highest quality of Music/SFX.

I would love to have relatively stable 30 Fps on these. Meta events on latest maps included.When it comes to the GPU - I for sure won't go lower than GeForce GTX 1050. It will most probably be GeForce GTX 1060 though.And that is... the only thing that I'm sure about at the moment. I don't know what will be the best choice for CPU(That I heard is especially important in case of this game. ) but I was considering something from 7th gen Core i5 processors.Although I guess that it might not be enough at all. OS will be either Windows 8.1 or 10 (Both 64-bit. ). Either 8 or 16 GB of RAM.

I know that it is a lot of text and that it probably contains a serious lot of grammatical mistakes but buying a new desktop isn't like buying a can of soda.I want to be sure that I'll make the right choice. I'm also aware that similar threads were posted before and that any of the specs mentioned by me(Not counting the CPU) are probably WAY more than I need in order to run this game at the desired settings.

Thanks in advance for any sort of reply! <3

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Wow Loaded question, I am sure I will be blasted by others who might be more in-tune with the latest and greatest gear but,You are going to want a Intel Processor and you are going to want one that performs better with Single core if your primary goal is get the most out GW2 and everything else is an after thought. AS far as speaking to price, Set your budget and then see what you can afford and then narrow it down a handful in your price range then check https://www.cpubenchmark.net/ and reviews and http://cpuboss.com/compare-cpus

RAM, Minimum 12 GB at the fastest speed you can afford to cover OS overhead and anything else you would like to run at the same time, I got away with 8 for years but would occasionally hit a performance wall (Paging)

Video and this where I will get blasted steer clear of ATI if you want the most out of GW2, They make solid cards however GW2 simply runs better even on the lower end Nvida cards. GTX 1060 will serve you well for your minimum requirements, I run 1080x5640 at 45 fps in the new meta with a gtx 1070 everything maxed out.

Get yourself a M2 rev 4 (or whatever the latest is now) or at the very least a Solid state drive and install/ run GW2 from it.Mother board> Don's buy into the hype you don't need a 300$ motherboard the 99$-150$ perform at the same level. You loose out on cool things like RGB lighting controls and some options but you will be just fine without a "high-end" board.

OS > I would never run windows 8 again in my life but that my preference M$ has done some really cool stuff with Windows 10, and yes there are tweaks to the security settings that need to be made in order for GW2 to run the best it can but opening up a single application is a far better solution then opening up security risk for an entire OS.

That all said I recycle systems that meet your minimum requirements almost weekly so finding one that will meet you needs should be fairly easy and cheap as long as you stick to an Intel processor with good single core performance and Nvida graphics card.

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OH those changes in windows 10 > open security and updates >app and Browser control>exploit protection settings>program settings >+ add a program(gw2) and turn everything off. GW2 was made before windows 10 was released so it just seems to run better. ( I got 10 FPS more on my old RIG) my new rig it didn't matter but still did it so I could get the most out of the game.

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Okay so if you want to build for GW2 something very important to remember is that you want a high clock speed on individual cores, if you're not to into PC's basically this is quite restricting to Intel but at this point there are a fair few builds you can do on the cheap with used parts that will make Guild Wars 2 fly.

So you have two options:1) Cheap and cheerful, used parts Intel build,that is not upgradable but will make GW2 fly, I can't promise great performance for other games but you should be able to get at least medium settings depending on the game.

2) Grab yourself some nice new Ryzen parts (except perhaps the CPU as a lot of the 1000/2000 series are going much cheaper now that the 3000 series is round the corner) and have a PC that is very upgradable for the next couple years and will definitely run GW2 well but will likely only be on par with the used Intel and definetly more expensive.

SO, if you really only care about lower/mid range gaming and GW2 then used Intel parts are damn good right now - reply back with which ever you'd prefer and I'll be happy to theory craft a build for you with PCPartPicker/other sites and references.

EDIT: Personally would recommend either Windows 7 or 10 at this point, I suppose it doesn't technically matter just for GW2 but you know, if you can stay Win7 why ever swap :D

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TBH every system will run just that little bit differently even if they are identical in build... way too many things can vary.My old rig running Win 7, an early intel i7 CPU, 8GB DDR3 ram, Nvidia GTX550Ti on a bog standard Western Dig HDD and all on a cheap and cheerful ASUD Mobo used to yield me 30-60 FPS on lower settings.
New system runs WIN10, still only uses an Intel I7 3770K, Nvidia GTX1080 TI, 16GB RIPJAW RAM, Samsung SSD separate to main OS drive and a higher end ASUS Mobo - running mid to high settings I get 60-100 FPS depending on what map/activity I am running......oooh and a crappy 8-12mb/s internet connection (cant get fibre as yet :( )

like others said .. set your budget, shop around, use some older components, but leave some room for some upgradability imo.

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