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Ground-targetting issue with some world bosses

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"AGAIN" (trademark Rytlock)

For those of you who don't know, there's a pretty nice ground-targetting issue with some world bosses.You can even test and see it when the event isn't on.

Who knows if it's happening in other places ?

How come you break the most important feature of your product: the combat system ?How come just adding a node, just for the sake of "pressing f" again™, at the END OF THE EVENT breaks it ?

If it's acknowledged, please say so.I understand that making a "we know" message about every bug isn't and shouldn't be happening.BUT™ isn't this the kind that gets up on the priority list ?

Wow. That's quality ground-targetting.

Wow. That is, indeed, quality ground-targetting.

Wow. That's quality Tequatl.

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