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Minor Bug: Male Sylvari characters twitching when they sit in chairs in the world.

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Me and a few friends were playing around last night and I made my male sylvari guardian sit down on chairs in Rurikton in Divinity's Reach. He began to twitch every few seconds and I got a pretty good kick out of it, and two more of my other friends got on their male sylvaris and sat down in different chairs and experienced twitching as well. We went around to other maps and sure enough, whenever our sylvaris sat down they would twitch. Here's a gif I caught of it in action on my dragonhunter Sidtheeon. (Yeah im in best preformance mode, don't judge me!)

It's incredibly minor but figured it was worth reporting since it affected me and multiple other people in different locations. I'm not sure if it affects novelty chairs as I don't currently own any.

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