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I learned something new today.

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Makes no difference which chests you open. Any BLC you open will reward what is currently on rotation. BLC are not distinguished by when they dropped but only when they are opened.

The only choice you have right now is:

  • open BLC now and get what the current loot table offers (you can right+click and preview on them)
  • wait until the rotation changes and save keys until then
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@Tiviana.2650 said:

@Tiviana.2650 said:Thanks guys, well good to know my old chests dont have the old inventory then.

You may know this already, but you can preview the current contents by right clicking on a BL chest from your inventory

Actually i didnt know that till about a week ago..silly of me

Not really - the game doesn't actually communicate you can do this and it's a feature that hasn't always existed. A lot of boxes you can now do this with. Trick or treat bags, Wintersday gifts and such like. Only things with massive drop tables like champ chests tend to be exempt

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