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Excessive messaging is too much

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When editing an LFG message you shouldn't get hit with excessive messaging. It's not the same as spamming in chat.Example:I created an LFG post and edited it. Then someone joined my group and it auto changed the message. I had to then edit again and i saw that after there were typos and the message wasn't as specific as i wanted, so i edited again. I went to edit a 4th time just to be more broad since it wasn't collecting enough people and i got hit with the excessive messaging ban, which by the way i couldn't then post in map chat for anyone and at 8 mins of being banned i had enough and came her to ask why?

I've been told you can switch maps to fix it but who knows if the Legendaries you're looking to kill will be up in those instances.Editing an LFG message should NOT be coded as excessive messaging. I'm excessive editing. :) or just editing.thank you.

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