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Anet, please, do something about the EotM map. Turn it into a new border map

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@Revolution.5409 said:It would be enough to add only the prizes and the map will be filled again, EoTM was born as a waiting room, with the addition of pipp it could become an alternative for players who do not want to use warclaw or do BLOB fights but in small groups

It wouldn’t become for small groups. It would be, once again, three large blobs avoiding each other and circling the map in an organized Ktrain.

Prior to the removal of XP, there were two to three guilds that commanded there, usually on all three colors. They would coordinate to facilitate the most rewards and fastest XP for the people playing. And generally avoid each other like the plague.

Some times they would engage each other. Then, some guild groups would go there to completely muck up the works. But wiping underlevels became quite boring.

TL,DR: it would make it a ktrain-fest.

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You ktrain in Edge of the Mist, i'll do what I did on the first day I went into Edge of the Mist. I'll pour that oil over your heads. Then we'll see how long it takes you to adjust your strategy of breaking into a tower. I had a lot of fun training ktrains in how to properly attack and break into a tower. I'll do it again. First day, first hour, I destroyed four zergs. Two separate zergs, but one of them 3x's over. You stood under the oil. You ignored the defender. The defender poured the oil, and you all went down standing under it. Not once. Not twice. Not three times. But four whole times. And I got called a troll...for defending a tower, because you all didn't know how to assault an objective.

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