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A Gemstore Service Suggestion

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I would like to be able to buy items as a gift with no recipient.

I mean I want to purchase items that are currently available in case I want to give it to a friend or pass to an alt during a time it may not be available.

For example, I might buy 3 Masks of Abbadon, and they are held in a gift bank until I decide to send it to someone.

I like to give away the cat ears and other items especially when my guild recruits a newer player, and it would be nice to have a "few to spare" of a gemstore item that I can gift when it pleases me.

Just a thought, not the end of the world.

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I would like to be able to buy upgrades for other people too.

Ie character slots bank tabs etc.

My alt account is gradually approaching one of those four hundred gem milestones and while she can buy some things for my main it'd be cool to buy a bank tab for my daughter with it. Not a big thing bit would be cool.

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I agree. I would like to gift the starter package that doesn't appear in my account gemstore because I already have it. The basic bank tab and bag slots are hardly enough as you progress through the game. That package would be a pretty sweet gift to a couple buddies I have.

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