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Scribe, Guild decorations & Decorating


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Hi guys.The discussion concerns the scribe and decorating.

The scribe:

  1. Increase the drop rate of some hard to find items, for example: rare flower seeds, maguuma lilies, giant mushroom spores etc.

  2. Create decorations without other decorations, less assemblages of objects to create a decoration.

Some objects need other objects to be finished and this becomes boring.

For example: to make a Hedge Pillar you need hedge planter, ceramic planter, 3 spire topiaries, sphere topiary. Hedge plater could be done without the ceramic plater. The Topiary spire could be done without topiary sphere.

Decorating is a very nice part on guild wars2, it has potential, but it is not well exploited.

Decorating:-1. Increase the number of decorations in an area.It is a pity not to be able to take advantage of the actual space. The emptiness that is created between a decoration and the other, makes the decoration lose its value.

-2. Some decorations are too large, others too small.The skill 7-8 could be added to increase or decrease the shape of the decoration.

-3. Add more options and features in the "decorations" sub-folder.Currently in the decorations subfolder you can only add or remove all, for example it would be useful to be able to remove the single selected decoration.

These are just ideas for improvement.

Thanks for your time, waiting for your feedback.

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I'm not sure if anets intent was to make it complex so people would create less and halls wouldn't fill up as quickly. Originally it was 1k objects placeable max, now 2k but still seem low. OR if they were just being creative, but many think its unnecessarily complex. And why do big items turn into smaller and smaller items kinda doesn't make sense, but w/e.

Anet needs to overhaul scribing, but probably won't happen. I'd say reduce the cost of decorating because i know that was a huge turn off to lots! but i still think the cost is tied to only being able to place so few decorations, unlikely to change just thought i'd share. I wish they would update icons so potted shrubs and basic shrubs don't LOOK THE EXACT SAME! Potted trees- the same thing. Why do i have to craft it if i can buy it for 24s? "Oh they are different? They look the same."

I agree with your scribing comments.

Decorating objects too close might be a coding issue, but come on, it's PIXELS!!! Probs really just a money issue and not coding at all.Ooh scaling decorations, fun idea!

AT THE VERY LEAST Anet add a counter to the decorations tab to let us know how close we are getting to max objects placed! The game knows somehow, I only find out when i can't place more objects. Sux when you're designing something and realize you have to go delete a bunch of other things first.

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