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Is it ok to post videos here (our experience w gvgs)?


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here's a shameless plug for our guild and gvgs in general. The consensus is that wvw and, more specifically, gvg is a dying game mode. However, players like roy and paralda have gone out of their way to revive the scene. My guild isn't large but we try to pick up players for these, even if it means just spamming team chat. I can honestly say they've been a ton of fun. Win or lose, you end up improving a lot as a group and we wouldn't be where we are without all the beatings we've taken. If we can do it, anyone can... Believe me. If your guild is interested, please sign up for the monthly tournaments (15v15). They're a blast. Hope to see more of you out there. If you have any questions on how to get in touch please feel free to dm in game - the community is surprisingly friendly in general and will share builds, strategies, and help each other. The only advice I'd give is don't be afraid to lose. It's 2019, no one cares who you lost to. This is all for fun. Play whoever you have on and avoid the excuses like "we don't have the optimal comp" or "a black cat crossed my path today" or "can't sit players (rotate them in)."

Tournament / gvg Contact info :Roy__ usually streams gvgs on twitch@Roy#2119 discordParalda#9433 on discord (organizer)


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