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This player won't leave me alone.

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I don't know if this is the appropriate place to to post this. But one day i was doing a CoF run on one of the paths and one of the players in our group was being very rude and toxic to me after we wiped one time. After the run i told him in ingame mail that i didn't appreciate his toxicity towards me and that i was gonna report him for his actions. After i told him this he replied with he did "nothing wrong" and calling me "snowflake" ect. I stopped playing for about a month because i was gettting burnt out. I come back online after being gone for a month, and lo and behold my mailbox is filled with him trying to act all buddy buddy now. Because he's scared now. He even sent me a message while i was playing wondering why i am not responding to him. He talks crap to me and then he expects me to be his friend because he's scared of getting banned.i reported him yet he still sends me messages.

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Or he might have had a really bad day, took it out on you because you were a target of opportunity and then felt bad about it and tried to apologize. When you did not respond he felt worse and tried harder, not wanting to stay on bad terms. One report for toxicity will usually not get a person banned (and it would be safe to assume by the time you were gone, you already reported him).Without more details anything could be the truth, and sometimes we are all having bad days.

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