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What options do we have now for D/P Thief builds (WvW roaming)


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Hey guys,

I have been away from Thief for a while ( since the swipe change) but i am thinking about coming back to it again, and was wondering how the build meta has changed since ive been gone. I understand that S/D Core is now considered much better but sadly i have minimum 250 ping so s/d evades are a little tricky for me to time; therefore i have historically relied more on the frequent blind applications of d/p for my dueling power.

Anyway, just looking to see what (if any) build options are out there which allow for taking camps easily, as well as enabling to fight some 1v1s at least. For example have people switch to bounding dodger over unhindered to help with frequent stealth applications? Has d/p DD been replaced by D/P Core? is crit strikes or shadow arts now being taken for some purpose? any help would be a great help. Would also be really nice to know which matchups D/P thief actually can take and which are auto losses and i should just stay mounted up for :)

Thanks in advance

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