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Which accomplishments of yours make you proud?

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At the time it was completing Eternity. It took months of farming ori, berries, shrooms, and wood in Orr and Frostgorge before any of those fancy apps existed or any new areas were added to the game. Don't get the same joy when I complete legendaries now or days because time gate on some things has made the farming tedious or overly expensive to outright buy. I'm looking at you purple gen thingies ?

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I have several moments!

  • Finsihing each of my legendaries, but especially my first one, Chuka and Champawat, purely by farming it through
  • Chalice of Tears completed without guides or help
  • Golden Lost Badges back before mounts and gliders
  • Honestly, a lot of the stuff I did before mounts and/or gliders... all the newbies who rush to get mounts are really missing out!
  • Conquer the Creator
  • Getting griffon days after PoF launched and being among the first to obtain the Skyscale
  • Having several achievement categories completed!
  • Gold on some of the HoT adventures... man those took long.
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killing VG for the first time with random ppl who have no clues of the meta, n like i was using runes of the golemancer rofl (this was like the very first week of the very first raid release there was no qT no sc no raid bible geni0ouses)... that was the best feeling ever akin to getting ur first kiss or ha ving ur first love or having ur first child. u'know what am sayin?

defeating other bosses just dont have the same feeling u'no? its like once ur boss virginity is gone u just cant get that feeling back

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Played the game long enough to forget a lot of the things I've done. These are off the top of my head.

  • Completing a 15k bag CF in about three weeks well before PoF - thus mounts - were ever a thing. Don't know if I should admit this but I used less than a stack of a shovels. I still maintain ~500 just from the key part of the farm.
  • Doing just about every single T4 fractal with only one other person. Both before and after the new instabilities.
  • Xiuquatl. By no means my first or only legendary but it's the only one I use so I'm proudest of it.
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I feel like if I read the thread it's going to make me think of other things so here I will do what I very rarely do and post without reading everything that is already posted. And the accomplishment I am most proud of is . . :

My ability to enjoy wvw . . .

There are so many players who seem to log in to wvw just to complain about it, or grind out rewards, or troll other players in one way or another, and I am still able to just log in and have fun fighting, killing and dying. Which makes me feel special. Like my mom always said I was . . .

I'll prolly come back and add in some edits about some pve things when I think of them, but maybe not . . .

EDIT: Got stuck on a loading screen and went to look at efficiency to see which of my things were most rare, but none of them really struck me as particularly exciting. I'm good at jps and beetle racing and I've done all the cheeves related to those things without using any gimmicks like taco or dodgejumping so I guess maybe something about one of those maybe? Idk, I just like playing the game :p

EDIT EDIT: I was thinking about what I typed and I remembered I had to dodge jump once to finish one of the sab cheeves and it always bothered me, and that reminded me that I've soloed all the story cheeves except one as well, which also makes me happy :)

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Finishing the boss fight in the Dragons Reach: Part 2. I didn't use a guide, played a kamakaze staff elementalist, didn't know any way to cheese the fight, lost ALL of my armour... but I still won, KDA be damned.

(This was when I was new, just before HoT came out)

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Finally getting Tinari's music box from bleached bones farming daily.

Rank 100 pvp to get the armor skins. Wings of Ascension was fun to go after. Dragon finisher and its title I was proud to get.

Everything fractals: capacitor, ad infinitum, all gold weapons, tonic, red infusion, and halfway to fractal goddess. I'm happy I'm now able to join any CM group. Thought I'd never make it.

(Took me 1.5 years of fractal farming to get the sword skin to drop. It was prestigious to get it at the time. Now you can buy it in a couple of days, rip)

Rank 1200 wvw so that I have all abilities unlocked. I once commanded a borderland conquest and took all objectives on the map. Getting invited into Cloud Fly's guild TPA, raiding with Tempest Wolves and Galatis.

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