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Bank Tab expansion confusion.

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I did a stupid.. >.<

I bought a bunch of Funerary weapons and planned to store them in my bank for future use, so while looking through my bank tabs I wrongfully assumed due to the large empty space below the last box (which is big enough for 2 more tabs) that I was able to buy more tabs.Not realizing I had already maxed out the 17 available tabs I went and bought 800 gems with real world money and spent them on a Bank Tab expansion that I cannot use >.<

Is there any way the max number of tabs can be increased again? 17 tabs is an odd number cap and some of us have a lot of junk and skins we keep around which can fill them up pretty quickly.If that's out of the question which I assume it is then could I possibly get my 600 gems back to spend on something else?I only bought gems for the bank tab but I'm fine with not getting my money back there's plenty else in the store I can use the gems or or keep for later.

It would be convenient if items like this which have a limited amount you can have become invisible (like some other items do) or at least had a big red warning notifying players that they already have the maximum amount avialable before they buy another one they cannot use.That said the large empty space after the last bank tab is incredibly misleading as well which is the main reason I genuinely thought I had room for at least 2 more tabs despite already having the maximum amount.

Sorry for the inconvenience >.<

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@"TheQuickFox.3826" said:Support can most likely refund the item for you. Open a support ticket here and tell them you bought a bank tab expansion you cannot use because you are at the maximum.

You ofc, can also wait until the bank tab limit is increased, but it is unclear when and if this will ever happen, and by then it may be impossible to get the item refunded.

Thanks, I made ticket.Hopefully I can get my gems back ^^

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:In the future, it is best to buy Bank Tabs (and addition Bag Slots for characters) not through the Gem Store, but through their respective lock icons. Then, it will tell you if you are maxed out, or not.

Good luck.

Yea, I believe I used to do that but completely forgot it was a thing.It would help a lot if the bank tab expansion item had a red text or something saying you already have the max number of this item.. likewise the same can be applied to tradable nodes like Iron, flax, Elder wood etc which also don't inform you that you already have them unlocked when you look them up on the trading post.

There's usually a ! text under the item saying you can buy -- more at this price but once you're maxed on those items the item becomes invisible to you on the store page, which is what happened to things like the Black Lion Garden Plot Deed and the Basic node packs once I bought them, they vanished and I can no longer see them or buy any duplicates of them.This doesn't apply to the Bank Tab Expansion unfortunately and you can still buy them even after maxing out your 17 bank tabs.

I do hope Anet considers expanding the tabs again though, I think 20 tabs (600 slots) is a nice well rounded place to stop rather than 17 tabs but that's just my opinion.It would also help if we had a Hero pannel tab for lore book collectables.. I've got so many books i've picked up over the years and they easily take up around a tab and a half >.<

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