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I would like to see a return of lingering elements

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Lingering Elements was an arcane trait that allowed the elementalist to keep the passive bonus of the adept minor traits of the elemental lines for 5sec.

I would like to see this return, but this time include all passive elemental boons a trait line can give like Pyromancer's Puissance, Piercing Shards or Stone Heart.It would make traits be useful more often and buff mainly core ele, because specializations could only take one elemental line together with arcane and the elite spec.

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For tempest/core why not, for weaver I won't see any use.It wasn't that strong. It was useful with the old version of soothing mist, but now it refreshs itself and last 10sec you can have it permantly with weaver. But otherwise you can see it worked with very few traits. +25% speed ? Unless you don't play arcane or air (which you need anyway for Lingering Elements ...), you already have large uptime of swiftness. Stone flesh : who play earth ?? May be for tempest, but it means earth/arcane/tempest, already you lose tons of assets.

If they return the trait, at least lake it works with more traits of core specs, it could be a strong buff to core elem.

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YES!As mentioned in this trait rework ideas lingering elements would be a nice boost to core ele. Specially if they rework the minor traits to provide decent and reliable stat bonuses (not 25% speed)

If they rework the traits to effectively work with all attunement bonuses it might make core ele a viable dps (fire/air/arcane) in pve, competing with tempest and weaver by maintain double attunement bonuses (higher dmg in fire, higher crit in air) on its bursts.

It might also help core d/d ele in PvP/WvW by extending its defense from water and earth so it can actually try to be offensive for more than 5 seconds and be a competitive option to s/- weaver in roaming.

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