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DEMON DEATH DIVE - A guildhall griffon obstacle course challenge


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This is the 3rd Griffy course i've made. I find this one to be hard as i've messed up quite alot while running the course. But after some time & practice and removal of some things I've been able to master it! (even though it was I who built it) :D

I've included a blooper reel this time around to show you that i'm just like the rest of you and make mistakes too, (plenty of mistakes) :D but i just find this sort of thing super fun! Often when i pop back into the guild hall i'll ride around the beetle track or do one of these activities before i leave.

It would be great if there was a way to get those glowy gates from the beetle races be placeable objects in our guild halls, but I assume some major reworks to code would have to be done maybe? for them to work when people pass through them if they could be placed at any random location around the halll. Plus on a side note, I really wish there was some sort of decoration tracker that told you the number of objects you had placed in your hall. Hit it again while working on this and another beetle track at the same time . :(

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