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Static weapons in the game.


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Quite a few of these around and got me wondering whats the history behind them , and why players like us cant use them on a normal basis.For example the Sniper rifles in the fields of ruin, range 5000 which is miles better than anything players have.Who built them .Then theres the ubiquitous Mega Lasers than can blow dragons out of the sky.If someone can build megalasers, can they also build smaller hand held lasers.Miles better than players with bows and arrows.Then theres Iron Legion Machine guns , obviously built by the Charr, and miles better than any player weapons.Maybe its time to introduce a new form of crafting into the game so that players can learn how to make such weapons.Would have to be far harder than building existing legendary weapons and to maintain balance would also need severe restrictions on how often such weapons could be used.eg building a player mega laser would take the same resources as 10 legendaries, and would have a cooldown of 1 day, ie you get 1 shot per day.

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It's called gameplay mechanics and balance.Those sniper rifles are charr-built. Same as the machine guns and cannons and tanks. There are even tracked artillery pieces in one part of Ascalon built by the charr.

These things range from high end weapons to siege equipment that people don't just lug around and use whenever they want.

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