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Quick question on Vision and other legendary trinkets

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Based on the item itself so usable on only one toon. Jewellery can't be transmuted so it only appears on the toon it is equipped on

Poss why they made the base for Aurora and Vision the same - so you could have the option for two toons with the same effect (assuming you didn't want the combined on one character)

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@Anatolian Turk.4057 said:I am in the process of crafting my first ever legendary trinket 'the vision'. My question is, after crafting vision can i use the vision skin on multiple characters (similar to unlocking skins for armor, weapon and back) or is it based on the item itself , so one character per vision?

Unfortunately no. Its not a skin, its effect like infusion so it comes with itemI wish we can dye the balls.

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