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LWS5 very wild theory about locations


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So, it's pure speculation, but, I've compared the recent versions of the world map (With hey of Ahdashim, without it, and before addition of dragonfall) also checked rapidly before each ls4 map additon. Those stains are the pixels who changed between map versions. It was almost always the same locations affected, the four shown on the map. Those pixels successfully predicted istan, sandswept, kourna and thunderhead. Impossible with dragonfall and hard with jahai.

Four locations have been edited a lot: The delta with a spot near the lake. The whole mountain chains of far shiverpeaks near charr homelands, the sulfurous lands at the south of the desolation and finally a very far location at the north-west. The black hole for information in the south is the new raid.

What to conclude? I have no real idea, I feel like it was made to blur the paths. We have the delta near janthir isles and in same times, the mountains near charr homelands.BUT, we also got recently the mist traveler outfit and weapons which, from their colors and appearances look close to a volcanic ground/ashes. But that's my bit of unfounded speculation.Seeing bitterfrost, the only thing we can found further in the north is more sons of svanir and kodan capitals imho.Sulfurous wastelands isn't that epic, wil look like just same as south desolation but with a huge mountain in the south.

So what? Here is my theory for woodland cascade, finally the addition of Utopia, that mist/aztec based expansion? Possible, the mist stranger outfit, that tropical forest.....For far shiverpeaks it's just another transition for me, just like passing from ascalon to shiverpeaks in core maps: we travel through far shiverpeaks to access charr homelands.

TO BE TRUE, I have no idea where will the ls5 lead us. But for sure, it will complete the holes in world map.

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I hope too, but it seems they aren't returning to old maps to fix the collision errors or even the events. Sandswept event "Stop the flow of Inquest data to twart their operation" is still bugged, chest giving nothing. In bitterfrost I still see flying icebrood elementals in the sky. I pass through the ground when using magma canalization in amber bay. Oakheart targetted on moving airship + talk options for sayida/taimi don't work in dragonfall. The debate about the stairs of the astralarium...

Only to say a few. The maps are great, but you can't let bugged events/invisible collisions errors on the ground or bugged mobs staying in those since release.

As said, charr homelands and south of maelstrom also got some pixel changes.

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There's also been several updates during PoF/LWS4 around Blood Legion Homelands (Right of the Far Shiverpeaks circle) and the area below Mount Maelstrom near Scavenger's Causeway, so could also be there.

I really hope we keep getting new maps each episode, as the maps actually are what they're doing good at in LW because they all look great and are nice to visit. However, I would be ok if we got fewer maps, but they were as large and event filled like expac maps are.

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Just a few cents. This means they have been working on those area's. How and why is unknown.

But I have compared it to the gw1 map and the lorebooks. To see what to expect there.Delta next to DR. This area was never fully explored. It was on the map since GW1 eye of the north and itwas always a delta. The only difference is that the giant bassin has become a lot smaller since. This due to the dams next to Divinites reach. This is simular to Doric's lake and most likely more farmland for DR.

Far shiverpeaks: This is well known territory. We know it was mostly inhabited by the Norn, but they fled southwards. The traditional Kodan territory is north of this, but they as well fled southwards to get away from Jormag. Dragon Bash could very well mean that Norn or kodan are migrating back to the north. I even can imagine some kind of conflict between Norn factions over migrating back or staying south. The Kodan are less likely to show such a conflict as each santuary is independend. The claw and voice govern together, but making a decission without the other means inbalance. They believe it is possible that this happened to the Norn and they do not want to become Norn. There are several Norn settlements in the region, like Sifhalla, Olafstead and Gunnar's hold. We do not know what happened to them when the Norn went south. And off course there is the Eye of the North there (although it seems that is too far to the south-east on the map)

the last area is the charr homeland (or even beyond that). It is unknown in almost every way. We do not know if Charr still live there. We do not know what the connection is to the Charr in the Black Citadel and there is only the information from the ecology of the Charr that helps a little bit.

The biggest issue with these three images is how all area's are connected to different races.The Delta is Human area. The far shiverpeaks are connected to humans and the Charr homeland is connected to...well the charr.

If we go to all these places, it is predictable that Season 5 will focus on all 5 races acting on the lack of elder dragons. with the common enemy gone, they migth even focus on conflict and regaining strenght towards the other races.For the Asura it might mean going back to the depths of Tyria (which would not show on the map at all). And Sylvari would stay foot, as the tree is not something to move around easily. Perhaps expand their territory towards Southsun or Orr. (Orr would make a lot of sense as it was the firstborn's Wyld Hunt to clean Orr of the corruption)

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