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Badges Mean Nothing


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This is the first time I have ever seen such an injustice in a game. Anet makes enough money to monitor SPVP, but yet nobody monitors the league games? On a DAILY basis I see either an AFKer, a bot, or a hacker. There is ZERO monitoring nor maintenance on this game mode. It’s horrible. Before I went back to SPVP I thought that badges actually meant something, like of cool he’s plat he’s a pro. But damn was I wrong! All those plats probably paid for their badge or asked guildies to afk for them during games....so pathetic! How has this been tolerated for THIS LONG??? I would understand if Anet was a dying company, but we all know they aren’t. Someone explain to me how do you all tolerate this. Not only that but it’s a horrible business move. Gaming companies use PVP as a way to keep players online until new PVE content arrives. PVP is basically the backbone of a game. I’m so surprised....

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