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LEGIT CLOCK needed on Quests that are TIME Gated.

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I have played many MMO's and RPG's and The one thing that frustrates Players(YES Me too!) is the lack of Clear direction and if the Quest is Timed. Having a clock you can see.And to be honest I understand making some things a bit Challenging. But I am greatly surprised you folks have not lost Players due to the Skyscale ( Original Time gate or Amount of Grind to get a Mount.) But It would have made things easier if tasks were clear and Lets be honest. . . Less Grind. Could you Dev's at least put a Clock on the account?? so we can be back when we are supposed too. I mean Really; some of us are Adults with Jobs and families. And you want me to Spend HOURS waiting for a Spawn or Timegate. At more than One point I was gonna leave Guild Wars for another 2 yrs and not even return. And if the Time gate is "Game Time " or Real Time tell us so at Least. Please try and understand, Not that We are Ignorant or Stupid People. But My Life is Not GuildWars 1-2 or soon 3 . But I do enjoy the Story and the Lore. The People for the Most part, just want to enjoy. . .Time away from Life and relax. But Honestly; Even now, I was Ready to Cuss You Dev's out for the way the game writing was. and in some cases the Impossibleness of Completing quests. Its like " DEVS say- "Hey we really want to sell the New Mounts so lets set Perameters. . .and if a whole bunch of Folks try all at once. . Turn up the difficulty or If its a solo, Keep it the same toughness." ~ example areas of Lightning strikes in Branded Storm Areas. . . Sorry; but you failed to encourage allot of folks to Continue playing. and Yeah check the Prices on The game in General and Skins and all. Not making it easy to stay. No, You can't say we dont understand Business. Other games, mmo and non have a good stable income from sales and extras that are not " Too Pricey" - We pay $50 for standard game $6o for Advanced. Gold edition maybe $70 one time. and then we Enjoy the Expansions. . . Customer Loyalty, doesnt matter anymore. . .

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