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[OW] Holorifle Build?


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Just picking up my charr engie again and was wondering if anyone is still having success with a rifle holosmith build in OW content? I checked metabattlw but didn’t see one for OW.

I’ve enjoyed holosmith quite a bit but I really can’t stand sword. Hoping someone has a build that they’ve been using to clear content, solo champs, etc. Thanks!

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You're not going to see many builds recommended for the overworld, because frankly you can do most stuff in the overworld naked.

I use something similar to Snowcrow's Build:

Gear: Full BerserkerRunes: Scholar x6Sigils: Force, Impact

Specializations:Explosives: Glass Cannon, Big Boomer, Orbital CommandFirearms: High Calibur, No Scope, Modified AmmunitionHolosmith: Solar Focusing Lens, Crystal Configuration: Eclipse, Photonic Blasting Module.

Sword + Shield.
Utilities: Healing Elixir, Grenade Kit, Laser Disk, Filler, Prime Light Beam.

The filler can be whatever you want. As always, rotate your utilities to be whatever you need them to be. The build's goal is simple: power through everything with oppressive force. Photon Mode blows everything out in a wide area, and blowing yourself up isn't nearly as big of a problem as you'd think. You can beat nearly everything in a straight up fight. Soloing champions might require a little more finesse, though.

Running a rifle build comes with a change: Bomb Kit. You'll need this for melee damage, since the rifle doesn't have a good sustained DPS option.

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Just go with your rifle and any DPS traits you like (Firearms + Explosives), if you have Trouble surviving Change one of those with Alchemy.

Take in Grenades and other stuff you like (e.g. laser disc, rifle turret or holo-shield), if you run Alchemy take Grenades + Elixir U

Run Zerker or for more comfortable fighting run marauder.

Rifle builds are working nicely in OW, so no worries^^

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@Beararms.2164 said:

Has anyone had any luck with a rifle SD build? I used to use one and it was good fun.

Sure, still valid, still fun, no luck needed except for some Champions-soloing, depending on the rest of your build

Or are bomb/grenade kit really still necessary for OW?

Not necessary at all, it is just that the explosive trait together with grenades usually brings a bit more dps Output than the SD build. (vulnerability etc)

Bombs are better in theory, for raids and high Tier fractals but I don't recommend them in practice for open world, you want the small Mobs to die AFAP and you want to be able to go on range for champs without losing too much damage. Additionally bombs are best with perma quickness due to the autoattack dps, so you will not be able to use them to the fullest alone anyway. Just my personal opinion.

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The photon-forge most players use is a melee-dps-kit. Not many people use crystal configuration storm. During the time not-spent in Photon-Forge, you are busy recovering or preparing the next attack-phase. Rifle gives enough mobility with jump-shot and CCs. It offers the best long-range damage. The damage is not enough to constantly camp the weapon, but enough to spend the "breaks" without getting bored.

When you use sword + X you spend most of your time in melee range. So if you want a range option, you either sacrifice one of your utility slots or take the Motar Kit. MK is a lucky draw for almost all situations, but prime light beam is meta? Most engineers I have seen, most Holosmiths, stick to PLB and take rifle. You can still focus your build 100% on DPS, without losing mobility.

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The rifle has a better burst, which synergizes very well with SD builds. With 3&5 you drop a lot of damage at any heat level.Exhaust vent trait also goes well with SD builds, since you get a lot of vigor.

I also like to play Sword & Shield. Shield-5 is one of the best breakbar-options in my opinion. Shield-4 brings additional blasts, reflect and knockback. Sword does have a nice burst, if your heat-level is >100%. then 2 will have 5 projectiles and 1 a big dmg-modifier. The burst is conditional and not as high as with rifle, but with much lower CD.

Sword/shield is nice to use against stronger NPCs where you can't blob it down in some meta-event.For most Tyria-Open-World situations rifle will kill things faster and gives a jump, which is nice for puzzles.

mortar/prime-light-beam is the same. High conditional burst on PLB, tactical fields and reliable ranged sustain damage on mortar.

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