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Vision Trinket bug in "Visions of Sandswept Isles"

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Although I have already completed the Achievement "Lasting Bonds What Comes Next" on my account and already HAVE the "reinforced Olmakhan Bandolier" the "Vision of Equipment:Olmakhan Bandolier" is STILL greyed out at Ethall's location. I have received the appropriate recipe for the "reinforced Olmakhan Bandolier" and have already made multiple copies for my characters. I have now NO WAY to complete this piece of this collection.

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@"foufos.4809" said:Same problem here....i can't buy the "vision of equipment" even if i have already finished the lasting bonds comes next archievement and already using an olmakhan bandolier bag!

Any suggestions from the community?

Well, found already the solution...it's already unlocked without buying the vision!

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