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2 new masteries current mounts can use

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Skimmer- mount up mid air, think how much fun this would be to jump off the cliff on water and get going on skimmer.Skyscale-dodge, it really can use it, those wurms in DF can dismount in 2 hit, with their homing projectiles with range of 3k units.

Anything esle you think, mounts can use, besides skyscale claiming instead of clipping on vertical surface ofc.

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@Adrianna.3092 said:umm.. skyscale already has dodge... kitten are you talking about?

This. The whole barrel-roll thing it does? That's an evade.

Incidentally, you can dismount from Skimmer right to a Skyscale over open water. Never tried it with Griffon, but at least with Skyscale you can just go up and over anything waiting for you on the beach.

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