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Buy Customizable Titles From Gem Shop - Suggestion

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It would be a fun time to be able to purchase an item from the gem shop that allowed us to create a customizable title, that would permanently go into our title selection panel. Of course customizable titles would hold no prestige next to titles such as: Fractal God or God Of PvP, but they'd be hilarious and fun to wear, especially on alts.

The idea is that the customizable titles wouldn't allow players to replicate actual existent titles. So a player could not type in "Leaves No Hero Behind" to fool other players. The server wouldn't accept it, similar to how it doesn't accept offensive names. It would however let players create titles such as: "Basement Troll" or "Cake Boy" or whatever it is you want to input, for whatever purpose it may have.

Each purchase would allow a player to make 1 permanent title that cannot be changed. If they want more titles, they can purchase more of that item. I believe this would be a hot gem shop item. The only downfall I see is if it made people care less about grinding particular titles, because they'd be satisfied wearing something funny. Which may effect player activity in certain modes.

I don't know, sounds fun to me. What do you guys think?

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No. I'd rather titles in game be for legit achievements.

Plus, it means that any titles that players come up with can't be used for future titles for achievements. Which could cause a problem if 2 minutes before a patch drops someone creates a custom title with the title they're adding to the game with that patch (whether that title is achievable that patch or not is different).

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I'd rather have them develop something else.

Also, what is and isn't offensive or inapropriate isn't such an easy issue. At the moment the game is lacking an option to report inapropriate guild or pet names, adding something to the pile of trolls to troll with wouldn't help that issue.

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It can't be any title that looks like a current title. It can't be a title that violates the Terms of Service. That's a lot of effort for ANet in term of monitoring and vetting and dealing with trolls and violations.

And that's before worrying about what happens when ANet wants to add a new title in the game and has to look at all of the existing custom titles and decide whether any would violate the rules. (Not to mention: how "close" is "too close"? "No Her Left Behind" is an obvious reject, but what about "No Zero Left Behind" or "Hero Left Behind" or ... that's a lot of time spent reviewing/deciding.)

And then, of course, there's the effort to setup the UI in the first place.

It might be fun to see what people come up with; I don't think it's enough fun to make it worth the trouble.

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there are many things that would sell well in the gemstore, the prob is i dont think they have enough ppl to make them.

that's why i think they should employ an optional subscription fee model where it provides cosmetic perks and 40% discount off of gemstore purchases. it would allow them to make more stuff like mount animations... mount accessories, customizable stuffs like titles outfits........

and this model would allow for even more content than ever b4. but ppl will be enraged cuz they're so hung up on this free play model............

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