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zaklym, rune of loyalty, please help me with this

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yes hi, my name is triggher, i am trying to unlock the griffon mount at this very moment, but when i came to the rune of loyalty location the event was not there, i have done events for the past 1h around this ara trying to find where it is or if its going to come up anytime soon but nothing, would be really appriciated if any of you would be willing to get me with this problem.If you feel like helping voice2voice then feel free to add me on discord and help me go through the steps, Have a nice day.triggher#0254

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The event you need is the end of a chain, which starts in Diviner's Reach. It starts with Defend Second Spear Nayrim from the Awakened and then there's an escort event which starts shortly after, then a second defend event in the caves.

So your best bet is to hang around the town and wait for the first defend event to start. I'm not sure of the timing but it seems to come up fairly frequently. When it starts turn on a mentor or commander tag if you have one (and if no one else does) and announce it in map chat - make sure to say it's for the griffon collection because people are more likely to join in then. Let people know there is another event starting after the first one, because there's a gap where it looks like nothing is happening which is just long enough for people to leave if they don't know to wait.

Also don't forget to check the LFG tool, because people will sometimes advertise when it's starting up on their map. You could also advertise your map in LFG, before or after the first event starts, but I don't think it needs a lot of people to complete it.

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