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[LFG][PVE][EU]/[NA] LF fractal/raid guild active at around GMT+8 8PM-12AM

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Hi, since I started working I can't join most of my guild runs anymore so I'm looking for a guild that is active during hours I can play. I will join the guild only for Fracs/Raids, so if it's a guild that requires members to join social events then it's probably not for me (I'll be kicked in that case :^)). My main account is on EU but if I find a suitable guild on NA I will definitely invest more on my alt account.

About myself, I have been playing the game for a few years, do CMs+T4 everyday, not that experienced in raid but have killed all bosses from W1-6 (~20-30 dhuum/qadim kps). I have most roles geared on main account even though I'm only really playing a lot on a few (chrono, dh, mirage, fbd) for now. I hope to raid more often and practise on other roles as well. Not sure how I will do with 150-200 more ping on NA, I'll try my best lol.

What I'm looking for in the guild:(i) small-medium size(ii) no almost 100% rep rules(iii) raiders have a least proper gear(iv) chilled people

That's all I guess. Hope to find one soon \o/

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@mcflurry.8076 said:thinking of switching over to NA now =.=....

Free bump!The only downside to being on EU for me is that I can’t join most guild runs. Other than that I really like it here so I can’t bring myself to transfer.. Will miss my friends here a lot ?

Saw your comment about transfering as I was looking around, all the best if you do \o/ (there goes another SEA player from EU ?)

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