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I adapted, here are the results


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I don't need to focus. You can continue to slam the decision of any game change all you want in any way you decide to do so. I can tell you without a doubt that the Warclaw game change is here to stay, regardless of who it affects in what way. I won't sit here and make up ideas about who's leaving or who hates it or why ... it's irrelevant. When you do it, you are fear-mongering and making your point less meaningful ... my advice is you stop that level of bad argumentation.

The fact is that if you don't want to adapt to whatever game changes Anet makes, you have two choices; feel free to exercise them. Just don't make the mistake the OP does when he says he adapted and is quitting anyways; It's just a poor attempt to continually complain about something that isn't going away. It's not a meme, it is the reality of EVERY person that plays ANY game. The fact is that time and again, the OP has attempted to prove in the worst ways that the game is 'wrong' and with all people like him, he thinks he knows the 'right'. That's a non-starter to begin with. Wrong or right ... it's done. Move on.

I don't disagree that there needs to be more ways for players to interact with Warclaw ... I don't even know why it's still a point to discuss because we know Anet has told us they are coming and for the most part, the changes at face value are pretty agreeable.

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@sephiroth.4217 said:

@"oOStaticOo.9467" said:The intent is to complain about Warclaw incessantly to the point that it gets deleted, which will never happen. He hates Warclaw and will do anything and everything to show everybody just how much he hates it. Doesn't understand that WvW is not strictly PvP and that people should and do have a choice as to whether or not they engage in a 1v1 matchup. If people do not want to fight other people, they will not fight. Whether that means running away, waypointing away, or simply just standing there while the other person kills them. You can't force somebody to play a game the way you want it to be played and expect it to be played. Doesn't work that way. Yes WvW is an openworld setting where people can fight other people, but they also do not have to. There are other things to do as well that doesn't involve 1v1.

Yea totally agree... when I play battlefield I get angry that other people kill me, I just want to run around and admire the graphics and anyone who says im playing the game wrong needs to adapt.

Same goes for WvW.. I just want to admire the armor of my enemies. Thats why I do open world pvp of course...End sarcasm.

I get his point, I get yours... but these arguements are borderline ludicrous.

Its either open world pvp or its not, currently WvW has the wrong description as its not open world pvp but claims to be.... Its like saying GW2 is a racing game just because it has beetle racing when its not... well thats wvw right now, claiming to be something its not.

it takes two to tango, unfortunately. while it is pvp, players can simply choose not to participate. :/

See thats why I cant call it open world pvp anymore because theres now an option to participate in the mode without actually doing pvp.Its just a PvE map now that allows player killing.

I'm still amazed how long some people take to realize that WvW is both PvE and PvP, and it cannot exist without either.

In fact, while self-proclaimed "WvW veterans" claim they want "Less PvE" in WvW, one of the best ways we could encourage more PvP in WvW is actually something that we all would objectively consider "more PvE": A fourth NPC faction.

Right now, most players leave objectives after capturing. Maybe leave a scout sitting on a keep, or roaming a supply line, and that's mostly it.

Now, after Alliances are reworked and populations are more even, if we had a gray-colored faction of Aetherblades taking over anything players leave abandoned for too long, attacking every other dolyak left unguarded and harassin supply lines, but that are also horribly coward and will teleport away instantly and despawning without giving rallies to downed players as soon as more than 1 player faction intervenes in an objective event, we would have more players sticking around every objective because they would not lose participation thanks to regular Aetherblade attacks.

More players sticking around every objective means that when you get to an objective, it'll be more likely that an enemy player is already there, and the more often players meat each other, more chances to have players fight each other.

And since the 4th NPC faction would teleport away when two player teams meet, players who were fighting them will have to instantly switch attention to enemy players.

And thus paradoxically you get more PvP by having more PvE.

Another example could be something like the Istan Meteors. Something could spawn somewhere in any WvW map at random times and locations, but never more than a few times per skirmish. Generally more or less at the same distance to at least one waypoint of each team, never too deep into a single team's territory, so all teams have more or less the same time to arrive.

The random event would have to reward with something that is good enough of a lure to bring a decent amount of players together, but not as much as to bring the whole map, definitely less worth than finishing taking a keep, and that would be used to get more skirmish score.

For example, it could be a mobile tank that can switch between siege and mobile modes. In mobile mode it would have the same attacks and damage as a guild ballista, and in siege mode as a guild catapult, and last for the remainder of the current skirmish if it isn't destroyed first.

This doesn't mean that ALL PvE is good. PvE in WvW has to be designed as much as possible to bring players from different teams together so they fight each other.

Remember the toxic spore events in WvW? They were utterly pointless!! Capturing them didn't give any score or anything you could use to get more WvW score for the match. They were just there taking space and distracting players from scoring events and fighting players.

Take the useless skritt, centaur and veteran events in the borderlands and the champion events in EB. They are also pointless for anything other than refreshing participation. At least the EB mercenary events will send some units to reinforce nearby camps. They are squishy and almost useless, but they will at least slow down a bit a solo roamer taking camps.

The centaur, skritt, veterans and champions in the other hand do absolutely nothing related to scoring objectives.

So they should at the very least reworked to do something. Stuff like:

  • Reinforce nearby camps.
  • Patrol supply lines
  • Accompany dolyaks.
  • Mark enemies.

The champions in EB in particular could be turned into living siege machines. A new champion Drake could be added to the swamp area so there's 3, and the champions would spawn once per skirmish. Once captured, they would become 'mounts' you can ride by interacting with them and dismount with a skill like Siege Golems, that can deal massive damage to gates in melee range, and throw ranged attacks that hit as hard as trebuchets, but with catapult range. Something workth getting if you plant to do something that gives score like taking a tower or keep, but not worth wasting your time with it if you have more pressing matters.

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@"SpellOfIniquity.1780" said:

I think you're in the minority from my observations.

What I am saying is that a lot of people are playing a game mode that has PvP but don't actually want to fight despite all the bravado that gets spewed out The very existence of posts calling people gankers or posts unironically telling me that WvW is not about player vs player combat is evident enough. And this shows up in actions as well as words. I've seen entire zergs jump off a cliff after ninjaing a tower because well, losing in a game mode almost nobody cares about is terrible.

I mean, look at this very forum. A good chunk is about players talking about how they shouldn't be able to be killed. And this post is about failing to attack some pver doing their dailies. Is it no surprise that outsiders see this all as a joke?

Hm.. Very good points.

Honestly I just like coming to this sub to offer help if I can, to get some laughs and to share experiences. Most of the time it's just laughing at the absurdity of people's claims and requests though.

The problem with offering help is that people don't want it; they just want a shoulder to cry on. That's why we laug.... oh ok, you're already there. ';)

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