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Suggestion: LS4 gives reason to bring back living story 1 content as bonus events

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as we've seen in Jahai bluffs with the Shattered Reality/Ancient tree events, Kralkatoriks damage done to the mists have caused the mists to seep into tyrian reality. given how some of the mist shinadigans tend to be temporial in nature (as many fractals often take place at different places throughout tyrian history, even some in LS1) it gives an excuse to bring back the open world nature of the Living story 1 releases. Combine that with the current bonus event system anet has in place and you got a good combination.for example one bonus event brings back the the tower of nightmare event in kessex or the twisted marionette in Lornar's pass. unfortently i dont think events such as "battle for Lions arch" would work unless another instance of lions arch was created just for the event.besides LS1 events this could also bring back events such as mordrem invasions or other pass events

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And, it's not like they can just drop the old code for those events in today's game. They might have to create it nearly from scratch, and the Devs have stated if they were going to put that much work into content, they feel content that was new for everybody would be the preferred path to take.

Also, the team that does Bonus Events works with existing in-game content; they don't create new content.

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