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What to do after hitting lvl 80

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Greetings everyone,

I recently finished leveling up my first char to lvl 80. Atm I'm focused on finishing the story as I'm deeply enjoying it, but I'm kinda lost on what to do afterwards.

I have the first expansion and gear wise I'm on exotic dungeon armor without good accesories. Also would like to start farming some gold. So I'm not sure if I should try to upgrade my gear to ascended, or to focus on crafting, fractals, pvp...I can't really decide because I don't know much about what do you get from doing those. Also, is it worth it to do all the dailies and go to World bosses?

Thanks for you attention

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I'm a new player too but:

  • If you like the game you should buy the second expansion. I found it great fun to collect the mounts and explore the PoF areas and the story is awesome too.
  • You can finish some collection achievements.
  • Get your HoT masteries and finish the story. (I really liked this story too)
  • 100% maps. I think it's a great feeling to have all areas maxed out. (I'm still working on it though)
  • Select crafting professions and level them up.
  • Get some cool looking armor and dyes for your character.
  • Select a legendary weapon you like and you can start working towards that SLOWLY. (This is a really slow process or can be fast and expensive :D )
  • If you like fractals you can do them. I personally don't really like it so I do only one or two every day.
  • Find a guild so that you can get to raids, if you like them that is.
  • If you like PvP you can do some WvW. I find these quite fun.
  • You can also do dungeons but I heard that it's not that active, most people are doing fractals and WvW.
  • Achievements again, some of them have really good rewards; items, titles, etc...

I personally always find something to do in this game.You don't HAVE TO do this or that, you just need to find do something you think is fun.

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If you enjoyed the personal story, you should make sure to play Living World Season 2 (the first season of the living world is sadly unavailable, you only get a small recap from an NPC about what happened, but you can't play the content) before starting the Hearth of Thorns campaign, otherwise you will be very confused about what's going on.

That said, when you reach level 80 it's up to you to decide what you want to do. Map completion, leveling alts, playing dungeons, playing fractals of the mists, playing raids (this one might be difficult without proper knowledge and equipment), playing meta events on level 80 maps, doing World Boss trains, PvP, WvW, crafting legendaries..... the options are many, and it really is all about what kind of activity you find enjoyable.

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Since you said you're enjoying the story, I'd get the Living World episodes you don't have (maybe just a few to start with) and go through those.

Bottom line: do what you enjoy, not what others enjoy or what others (including me!) tell you to do. Try different things and see what you really like spending time and perhaps gold on. I like collecting dyes, weapon skins, and outfits, but not minis. Love crafting. Love rezzing other players in difficult situations. Hate WvW and PvP. Am so-so about fractals. You get the idea -- try lots of things, and hopefully many of them will really be your cup of tea choya chowder.

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Some standard things you can do on a daily basis:Most open world metas from the expansion maps give a daily reward on top of regular loot. check the wiki for timers (/wiki timers should get you there from the game).There are daily recommended fractals which also grant additional loot.Defeating the leyline anomaly once a day grants a mystic coin.You can hunt a bandit champion (wanted posters drop from defeated bandits once a day).You can partake in current events, like the currently ongoing rift closing events.One can also do the dailies for a specific living story map if you want some of the exclusive rewards available there.One can kill 10 traits to get a daily treasure key.

That's the repeatable stuff. There is also the whole story to go through and collections for those "do once" kind of activities.

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Things not mentioned (or at least I didn't see them):

Pursue achievements/mastery pointsPursue hero points to complete elite specializationsDo silverwaste runs to reap gold/materialsGet on a world boss train (use LFG - Looking for group) - great early source of rare gear that can be salvaged into ecto and crystalline dust. You don't need to be lvl 80.Chase ascended gear - the best gear in the game. As good as legendary, but far cheaper, and less attractive, I guess.Pursue the ascended backpack Mawdry: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mawdrey - this also gives you mawdry II, a gizmo that eats excess bloodstone ore and poops out loot globs for you on a daily basis. Best source of Bloodstone is Living World Season 3 maps, esp Bloodstone Fen.Pursue Princess (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Princess): Princess is another gizmo that eats dragonite ore and poops lots of loot on a daily basis. The silverwastes easily deliver massive amounts of dragonite to feed her. HoT maps deliver dragonite ore too.Along with fractals, LWS3 maps are a great source for ascended trinkets. You'll need to do events and scavenge to collect the map currency along with unbound magic to buy the trinkets from the specialized vendors found on each map.Fractals are an excellent source of cheap inventory bags, 20 silver plus some fractal map currency. Plus you make lots of gold from fractals, they give valuable trophies. On my best day, I made between 8-10 gold an hour in Tier 1 fractals, probably average around 6-7. RNG has a lot to do with how much you make.

req : HoTDo the gerent and octovine meta events back to back in Tangled Depths and Auric Basin for lots of (almost) easy loot

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