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Why do i face someone at 1750+ rating when i am gold

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I do get the issue here with low population, unfair-matchmaking and a very bumpy ride across the board. I can see as well that the top ranks won't enjoy the game either when they face-roll low tier players and stay at the top of the leaderboard with low game participation compared to the rest ranked 10-50++.

What I don't get is why they try to stay on top of a leaderboard if they don't challenge themselves with more game participation on that account? Park the toon for the sake of titles and shiny gear?

Considering the decrease of participants in sPvP - the best of the best titles (to name just one of them) is not really representing the real skill level (even tho some proofed over time they do deserve them) when they still get teamed up against lower tier and breeze through the matches. Low tier player loose interests when they get rolled, high tier player loose interests when they don't get a challenge and anything you receive as reward is only be seen from a low player base in that particular game mode.

Everything else I've seen here from intended match manipulation hypothesis (whatever options there actually are) is just a joke because what do they try to achieve? Becoming a smaller number of a nonsense leaderboard?

I still play casually and don't mind the odd face-roll as this is part of the game and I can actually see how much there is still to learn.

At the end of the day, it's just a game.

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@Kamskill.9457 said:

@Crius.5487 said:The other day I saw gold 3 players in the top 250. If you go back two years ago you weren't making it in the top 250 unless you were at least plat 2. Population is dwindling because very little is being introduced into the game mode to keep people playing.

Not in Europe

I tried European server, ended up after placement matches in Higher plat 1 with only 60 games on that account. but my absurd ping doesnt make it viable to play there in higher tiers.

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