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Pretty new to the game build choices

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Like the title say I am pretty new to the game playing with my son and wife but solo quite a bit too. I have a thief and ele I pay right now, I have the core game from before the expansions, so have been looking at core builds for all of us.Have been using using metabattle opne world builds for build for my boy and wife and my thief, we are mostly just doing open world pve for now. Tha said I have two build I see for my ele and was wondering which one people here think I should focus on.

from metabattle:https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Elementalist_-_Dagger/x_Fresh_Air

Variant of Tempest - Dagger/x Fresh Air for players without access to the Heart of Thorns expansion. This build is highly mobile and has good sustained damage.

I have this one too from a youtube vid by someone called cellofrag it recent from dec 2018 btw:


Which one do you guys think I should follow?

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I’d say try them both and see which one you like the most, since they have almost the same gear (berserker gear with scholar runes and dual daggers).

I think you’ll find the water one to be a bit more sustainable and the fire one more offensive. If you have trouble staying alive running the fire one, you can always swap out some berserker gear for some marauder, losing a small amount of dps but gaining a lot more vitality.

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For PVE your main focus is power, damage. playing as elementalist, all your dps will come from fire and air attunement, I'd suggest you to go metabattle one. Every player has to play without sustain first, die, die a lot, then figure out how to properly play a class then try more sustain.

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1) For warrior, you may try Spellbreaker or Core; Spellbreaker is easier because of Full Counter.There are 2 builds for player that knows the basics of Warrior:

A. https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Spellbreaker_-_Dagger_Sun_and_Moon

B. https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Spellbreaker_-_Strength_Greatsword (if you're a greatsword fan)

If you struggled with these 2 builds, I would recommend dropping Strength trait line for Defense and changing the utilities up a bit. That is for a full damage gear set.

There was another build for really hard content by Lord Hizen:

2) For necro, there is minion-mancer or Power GS. Minion-mancer is more of a face roll build, but it offers less damage compared to the squishier Power GS

A. https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Reaper_-_Power_Minion_Master (the build you linked)

B. https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Reaper_-_Power_Greatsword (this can't clear extremely hard content as a minionmancer can, but it clears easy ones faster)

3) Condi mirage or GS Power Mirage, all you need is energy sigil and just spam illusions with billion evades, all while still holding onto your almost raid DPS build.

4) For more supportive builds, less tanky:

A. Scourge minion-mancer

B. TrailblazerxApothecary Firebrand or a Carrion/Rabid/Marauder mix

C. Herald stacking damage reduction, don't know much about this build tbh.

That's all that can come to mind. Would have mentioned Sw-Sw/Sh/GS Chrono which can clear any content easily with great DPS, CC and boon uptime + support, but I am not a Mesmy player, so I don't know at which part was this patch bad for Mesmer. If not much has changed then Chrono has the fastest and one of the safest speed clears.

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Cool thanks for the links, advice and swift reply!I will go with the face rolling minion master for the necro and will take a looksy at the Lord Hizen build, I saw others talking about his builds but the reddit thread I found was like 9 months old so didn't know how relevant or if the build there were still good.

PS. Sorry about posting this in the elementalist, if anyone is annoyed by this, forums I thought I had posted it it in my other thread and guess I didn't move it fast enough.

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