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Something in scale between sPvP and WvW?

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It would be a big undertaking but I think it would be really awesome to have. There are a ton of ways to go about this. Just to list a few;

  • A borderlands map that doesn't allow commander groups, only up to groups of 5. Lots of small scale focused objectives that encourage fighting in multiple places at once.
  • A 10v10 or XvX sPvP mode. There are objectives that give bonuses (stat buffs, x2 res speed, x2 stomp speed) but only eliminations give score.
  • A free-for-all kind of map about the size of a borderlands map with WvW style rules and gear. You can join with up to a group of 5 or roam solo. You get better rewards the smaller your group though.

There are plenty more ways to do it, not saying these are the best. I would just like to something up this ally, who's with me? I would also like something tailored for duels, but that's for another thread.

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I think all of those sounds interesting, would love to try them.

First point sounds like a map for WvW with some very specific rules (or eotm), the second sounds like making some smaller versions of WvW maps into the pvp system and increase to 10, 15, and 20 players. Last one would probably be a bit more work to create the free for all with that kind of numbers, they might rework the southsun survival map into something like that.

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