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Maws of Torment is still bugged

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The Maws of Torment meta event in the Desolation is still bugged.

We often get the bug in which the eastern demolitionist, Folke, bugs out while walking to the portal, and either gets stuck floating in the air or gets stuck underground. This breaks the entire meta event.

Then we have the smaller, more subtle bugs. The demolitionists' lines are bugged - they keep repeating their lines over and over once the "Bonus: Use realm residue with a portal spike to help portal destruction" step is done, in the wrong order (they say the portal has been closed, then that the keeper is keeping the portal open, then that the portal has been closed, and so on, on a loop). Some times, even when all the three portals have been destroyed, the demolitionists will say the event has failed and that the portals weren't destroyed in time.

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