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Forged with Fire Meta and Diminishing Returns

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I've noticed that character that does only the Forged with Fire meta gets DR after the second day. After that, they no longer get the boss chest and subsequently the daily choice chest. In a squad or outside a squad doesn't matter and I get what I assume is the loot dropped directly from the bosses. I know that this purposely occurs elsewhere in the game except not with a meta like this. I've never ran into DR with the HoT metas and especially VB where I've had a character parked.

I can run the character through some events to reset the DR but I thought I would mention it in case it's an oversight.

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@Raizel.1839 said:

@Raizel.1839 said:I do Forged with Fire meta almost everyday but I never noticed any sort of Diminished Return in rewards.

Do you do it with a character that only do that and stay on the map inbettwen if not your not in the same boat as the OP

Nope, I missed that part, I switch map after meta to do other things.

Then thats why you never hit the dr, I used to have a character parked at rhand for the daily chest I guess the meta is like that one for some reason.

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