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Suggestion: 2nd variant (the original one) for Ad Infinitum glider

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Quite a while ago (2017 I think) the Ad Infinitum glider was changed from the winglike backitem appearence to a more "traditional" gliderlike wide & large variant.I made Ad Infinitum mainly because of the glider (the original one) back then :/ . I just returned to the game a few days ago after 1.5 years and it still (or rather again :# ) bugs me very much since I really miss the original glider and I am fairly certain that I am not the only one.

Can we have a second glider unlocked when having resp. forging Ad Infinitum which is the original glider variant, please?The changed glider version stays as it is yet everyone who prefers the original glider variant gains access to it again. =)

Old/original glider:RcarNro.jpg"New"/current glider:lFrUSjN.png

Have a nice day, folks.

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@Archon.3987 said:

@LucianDK.8615 said:the new one is much better. no change needed.

I don't suggest the current variant to be changed back but a second gliderskin (the original one) to be added. :/

But then the wailing will start, about how come Ad Infinitum gets 2 gliders while the Warbringer and The Ascencsion only get 1 glider, and why does ANET care only about about PvE and completely ignores WvW and PvP and whine whine whine whine.... Throw in a couple of PvE is for skilless n00bs, PvP is the only game mode that requires skill, and something about how ANET devs don't even play their own game / suck at playing their own game, and you'll have another day in the life of the toxic vocal minority of the GW2 community.

Easier for ANET to just leave it as is, as people like yourself who are disappointed about not having the original skin would be dwarfed by the outrage mob that would emerge should this back piece suddenly have 2 glider skins.

The GW2 community, like most MMO communities, is an example of a circular firing squad: they prevent themselves from ever having nice things. :disappointed:

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@"Turkeyspit.3965" said:

But then the wailing will start, about how come Ad Infinitum gets 2 gliders while the Warbringer and The Ascencsion only get 1 glider, ...

Ad Infinitum glider was changed after a lot of people made the legendary backpiece - and many of those did so to get the glider. Neither Warbringer nor Ascension glider skins were altered post implementation in such a way that they are completely different models at this point. With Ad Infinitum glider it is quite a different thing since it has appeared in two glider versions since the backpiece is available ingame.

I don't care if they added the original variant as a second glider or a checkbox somewhere to be clicked which says "Original Version".I just imagined adding a 2nd glider - the original version - would be the the simpler method.

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