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Windows issue, perhaps help from here.

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I've played GW2 on this computer for months including last night. Today I turn it on, find the GW2 icon grayed out, and what would appear to be a windows popup (blue, white lettering) that says "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher. Initially it said "requires administrative approval to run this app". I right clicked the GW2 app and clicked run as administrator (I am the admin) but that only switched the message to the first one I listed above.

Running a full scan with windows defender shows no issues.

Today is GW2 update day, so the other computer had a longish download but ran fine. I'm only emptying bags and running chest campers. The troubled computer won't even get into GW2 login screen and start the download. I'm on lunch and am pot of troubleshoot time atm, so thought to see if others have had this and what the answer is. (corrupted windows, corrupted GW2, malware, etc)


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"This app can't run on your PC" means the executable is invalid. This can happen when something modifies the executable, or simply due to how GW2 updates itself. Assuming Gw2-64.exe, when GW2 updates, it temporarily changes its name to Gw2-64.tmp, then renames it back to Gw2-64.exe, which can fail and result in a 0 byte Gw2-64.exe and a ~32 MB tmp file. You can check your Guild Wars 2 folder for this ~32 MB file and simply rename it back to Gw2-64.exe.

Alternatively, simply download Gw2-64.exe direct from the patch server and replace your current one, or download Gw2Setup-64.exe and rename it to Gw2-64.exe.

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